Building description


Internal walls and partitions

Walls – plastered masonry or non-plastered gypsum plasterboard partitions. The surface of partitions is prepared for the final finishing process.

Floors and ceilings

Floors – prefabricated reinforced concrete, monolithic reinforced concrete. Open ceilings, gypsum plasterboard structures are not plastered, without finishing.


Wood profile. All windows have soundproof shutters.


Entrance door – single with two locks. Door with peephole. No internal doors are installed in the apartment.


A cement levelling layer is installed on the sound insulation layer throughout the apartment. Flooring is not installed on the cement layer. Waterproofing is not installed in the bathroom.


Collector, central heating system. The apartments have underfloor heating. For heating bathrooms in the apartment, pipes are routed from the central heating system to the heater, which will operate via the heating system of the apartment during the heating season, or via the electric towel rails in the summer. Heat metering system is installed. Floor heating contours are provided for heating stairwells and elevator halls. Underground parking lots and bicycle storage units are not heated.


A recuperative ventilation system is designed for the ventilation of residential premises. Recuperators with integrated heaters are installed for room ventilation. Natural ventilation ducts are designed for stairwells, with deflectors installed above the stairs.

Water supply

Connected to the city’s main networks. The building has cold and hot water supply stands. Hot water will be prepared at the boiler room. Pipes with nozzles and caps are routed to the kitchen appliances provided for in the project. Cold and hot water meters will be installed in the apartment. Plumbing fixtures will not be installed.


Domestic sewage stands are installed. Pipes with caps are routed to the plumbing fixtures and kitchen appliances provided for in the project.


Electric power metering for apartments and general premises is installed, as provided in the project. Electricity distribution panels with automatic switches are installed inside the apartments. Cable with copper conductors are routed, and built-in distribution and mounting boxes are installed in the apartment. Sockets, switches and light fixtures are not installed.

Low voltage

In the stairwell on each floor, there is a switch box for low-voltage networks (television, telephone). PVC installation pipes are routed from the box to the apartment, and a low-voltage wiring junction box is installed in the apartment. Pipes are installed for routing telephone and TV cables from the stairwell’s switch box to the apartment’s junction box. Telephone, television and internet sockets are not installed. Fire sensors are installed based on the project’s requirements. Apartment security alarm is not installed.

Building and common areas


Pole, monolithic foundation.

External walls of the building

External walls – monolithic reinforced concrete, insulated with mineral wool panels for plastered facades, basement walls – with polystyrene foam panels.

Expected energy efficiency class of the building is A+ energy class.

Facade finishing – ceramic tiles and metal decorative elements – partitions.


Insulated with mineral wool panels. Metal railing is installed on the roofs.

Stairwells, hallways

Internal stairs, landings, outdoor staircases, supporting walls – monolithic reinforced concrete. Two stairwells and a special elevator for the disabled. Handrails – metal. Entrance doors to the building – aluminium with a glass unit, with an installed code lock. Common areas will be fully finished with painted walls, stone floor tiles, painted ceilings or suspended modular acoustic ceilings.


Each stairwell will have passenger elevators that descend to the underground floor.

Underground parking lot

Load-bearing structure – monolithic reinforced concrete.

Columns and stairwell walls – monolithic reinforced concrete. Ceiling is insulated with special stone wool panels with a silicate soil surface, floor – concrete blocks. Walls and columns are not painted, by leaving the natural colour of the concrete with a painted warning sign. Parking spaces are marked and numbered. The private underground parking area can be entered through a lifting gate with an automatic drive.

Bicycle storage units

Bicycle storage areas are installed in the basement. Storage at the entrance.

Waste collection

Waste collection containers are installed outside.


Entrances to the building are locked. Reliable locks are installed in the doors. The area is illuminated.

Lightning protection

For lightning protection, an active lightning conductor is connected to the earthing system.

Surrounding area

The area is fenced. Installed: children’s playground, fitness area, seniors’ rest area with benches. Sports areas and children’s playgrounds are fenced. Pavement, sidewalks, paths, landscaping, street and yard lighting, and other elements of the surrounding area are installed according to the land plot project.

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